Why Hire a Professional Birth Photographer?

Outside the birth of your baby, your wedding was probably the most important day of your life.   Maybe you had a professional photographer, or even two, to cover that event.  Why wouldn’t you have a neighbor or family member take your wedding photos?  Probably because you needed to trust the final product and because you wanted all those important family and friends to be IN your photos and not behind the camera.  This also takes the pressure off dad and allows him to focus on being your support!  Having an experienced birth photographer ensures your baby's birth to be completely captured, including those that you might miss from your hospital bed.  It ensures the little details are captured that a friend might not think to photograph.  It allows your husband to hold your hand and be in the photos.  The hours of labor and delivery will pass just as quickly as the hours of your wedding day but your birth photographer will make sure you have the details of the day captured to relive for years to come.